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    Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards by Tori Hartman

    Unlock your potential to manifest the dreams and desires of your life with the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards! With 49 powerful cards for divination, in combination with the accompanying guidebook, this system is designed to help you set intentions, break through blockages, and discover ways to sharpen your intuition and manifest the life of your dreams.

    The decks are based on the mystical tales revealed by psychic Tori Hartman following a near-death experience. Each card connects with a major chakra and contains its own unique energy and charm that you can explore through various divination spreads. Whether you desire a basic one-card reading or an intricate Chakra Layout, navigate this system with ease!

    Intuitively understand how each energy influences your feelings, thoughts and manifestations as you tap into each chakra's power. Let go of old patterns so that wiser guidance rooted in spiritual awareness can become part of every decision you make going forward. Seize this opportunity to awaken clarity and cosmic wisdom - an ancient knowledge used by healers for generations!

    At its core, these Oracle cards offer a special gift: self-knowledge speaks volumes about discovering life’s hidden treasure chest full of purposeful pursuits. Invest in yourself—dream bigger and align with divine truth to create an authentic expression of who you are intended to be. The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards empower you to make empowered decisions that heal body, soul, heart, mind and spirit!
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