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    This Soul Path Reiki Pendulum is the perfect tool to help detect energy blockages in your body and Chakra balancing. Use it for Aura cleansing, detecting and clearing the blockage of energy (chi) in the body, and grounding. With its powerful healing energies, this pendulum can help you achieve a more balanced and healthy life!

    Each side of our crystal Pendulum is hand etched in gold with the following traditional Usui Chakra symbols: Cho Ku Ray (Power), Sei Hei Ki (Purification & Harmony), Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (Connection), & Dai Ko Myo (Empowerment & Enlightenment).

    Obsidian-This powerful black obsidian pendulum will help you face up to your true self, release any imbalances or negative energies, and provide support during times of change. Use it to repel negativity and disperse unloving thoughts – and watch your life transform before your very eyes!

    Clear Quartz- Known as the "Master Healer", this pendulum will amplify your energy and thoughts while also neutralizing negative energies. With its ability to absorb, store, release, and regulate energy, the Soul Path Reiki Clear Quartz Pendulum is a must-have for anyone on a journey to spiritual enlightenment.

    Amethyst-This pendulum will help you tap into your intuition and find the answers you seek. Amethyst is also known for its protective powers, so you can rest assured that you're shielded from negative energy while using this tool. Trust your gut and let the Soul Path Reiki Amethyst Pendulum guide you to your truth!

    Labradorite-This beautiful stone is known as a "stone of magic", and it's said to enhance spiritual ability and deepen connections. It's also known for its stunning array of colors, which is said to reflect inner light and connect with unseen dimensions. So if you're ready to explore your psychic abilities, this pendulum is a great place to start.

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    Crystal: Obsidian