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    What are Chakras?

    The idea of chakras comes from the idea that all life has both a physical and an energy body. The energy body is where the energy of the life concentrates. There are seven main chakras that line up along your spine from the bottom to the top of your spine. Balanced chakras, without blockages, allow energy to move freely for you to have a healthy life.

    Root Chakra: Color Red The Muladhara chakra is located at the base of the spine and is the first energy wheel and serves as an opening to all of your primary Chakras. It's connection with courage, willpower, survival intuition makes it a key player in physical needs which can be seen by its red color just like how this tells us slow down or remain safe accordingly.

    Sacral Chakra: Color Orange Located in the lower abdomen, this sacral chakra is responsible for physical needs as well emotional responsiveness. It gives off a sense warmth and excitement because it's where we experience our most passionate moments with others or ourselves-it produces creativity through control over desires which can lead us towards success whether personal/professional sort!

    Manipura, the Solar Plexus Chakra: Color Yellow The solar plexus chakra has the color of sunshine and it is located above your navel. It gives you power, confidence- its source for all things great! 

    Anahata, Heart Chakra: Color Green The heart chakra Is a balance point for all other Chakras and your center of compassion, empathy, forgiveness & love with an equal amount yellow & blue representing these attributes accordingly. Anahata guides feelings of trust generosity , gratitude which are in line to its meaning as well!

    Vishuddi, the Throat Chakra: Color Blue The throat chakra is responsible for the ability to communicate, creativity and self-expression. As it nears its end of color spectrum blue allows you mental calmness which helps with slowing down racing thoughts as well enhances verbal or written communication leading an increase in artistic energy use by those who choose this path

    Ajna, the Third Eye Chakra: Color Indigo  This is the chakra known as “third eye” which affects your ability to perceive what's around you with clarity, intuition or self-knowledge but it also makes connections stronger between ourselves (the soul) an infused world outside our own minds .
    The indigo consist mainly from these two hues – Blue representing emotions/intuition while Red stands for physical sensations such as sight & sound associated respectively onto them through their respective energy centers located at opposite ends on either side of head near nose.

    Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra: Color Purple/Violet In ancient times, the crown chakra was seen as an open space to absorb spiritual knowledge. It's also associated with enlightenment and spirituality in many cultures around the world because of its color: purple/violet
    This powerful center for thought contains all seven other energy centers within it--the sahasrara ( overshadowed), Vishuddha( intestines) Anahata( heart)- Manipura Chakra -Manipuraka Dosham etc... Having so much power means when we're feeling low or disconnected from ourselves; this is where you want your attention focused on first!