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    Amethyst Mala Reiki infused 108 bead Mala

    This 108 bead amethyst mala is infused with Reiki and is the perfect meditation tool to promote calmness and enhance the meditative state. The smooth, polished beads are strung on a durable cord, with gorgeous Amethyst point making it perfect for everyday use.

    The beautiful amethyst gemstone is known to bring peace and balance to your personality, creating a sense of tranquility and well-being. Whether you're wearing it around your neck and using it as a meditation aid, this amethyst mala is sure to help you achieve inner peace.

    Wearing an amethyst mala is like having your own personal power station! These powerful beads can help to recharge and balance your energy, while also providing you with a sense of protection. Just wear them for 40 days, and let the sun or moon do its thing!


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