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    4-piece Set of Reiki Symbol Meditation Stones will help you raise your vibration and achieve harmony and balance in your life. These beautifully etched crystals are handcrafted with traditional Usui symbols for power, purification, connection and empowerment.

    Meditate with them or place them around your home or office to create a sacred space for healing and self-care. With Soul Path Reiki, you can finally achieve the peace and enlightenment you've been searching for.

    All Stones are 25mm and hand etched in gold with the following traditional Usui Reiki symbols: Cho Ku Ray (Power), Sei Hei Ki (Purification & Harmony), Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (Connection), & Dai Ko Myo (Empowerment & Enlightenment).

    Grey Agate-These beautiful stones each have a Reiki symbol carved onto them. They are perfect for meditation and energy work, and can help to ground and protect you during your sessions. Carrying these stones with you can also help to promote positive thoughts and energy wherever you go.

    Rose Quartz -Which is known for its ability to purify and open the heart. It's the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care, or to give yourself a little boost of self-love. With its calming and reassuring energy,  Rose Quartz Soul Path Reiki Meditation Stones are also great for times of grief and stress.

    Clear Quartz -If you're looking to open up your psychic abilities, Clear Quartz is the way to go! This powerful stone can help unlock memories, stimulate the immune system, and bring balance to the body. Supercharge your meditation practice with these beautiful Clear Quartz Meditation Stones from Soul Path Reiki.

    Red Agate-A stone known for its ability to give strength , these stones are perfect for anyone needing a boost of confidence. Whether you're facing a big project at work or tackling a new hobby, these stones will help you stay creative and focused, ensuring success in whatever you set your mind to. If you're looking for a little extra strength and courage.

    Amethyst- If you're looking for a way to reduce stress and anxiety, Amethyst is known to be a natural tranquilizer, helping to balance mood swings and alleviate negative emotions. Whether you're dealing with everyday worries or big life transitions, these beautiful Soul Path Reiki Amethyst Reiki Meditation Stones can help bring peace and calmness into your life.

    Tiger's Eye- Soul Path Reiki's Tigers Eye 4 piece Reiki Symbol Meditation Stones are the perfect tool to help you harness your luck, clarity, and insight. If you're looking for a stone to protect you from bad energy.

    Lapis Lazuli-Looking for a way to cleanse your chakras and ward off psychic attacks? Soul Path Reiki's Lapis lazuli 4pcs Reiki Symbol Meditation Stones are indigo and gold and is known for its cleansing properties. It can also help connect you to clarity, integrity, and intuition.

    Green Aventurine-This stone is known for its ability to comfort and heal the heart, as well as dissolve negative emotions and thoughts. It also works to block out electromagnetic pollution from computers, televisions, and other electronic equipment. Use Soul Path Reiki Green Aventurine Meditation Stones to promote emotional calm and well-being.


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