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    Crystal Merkaba Pendulum

    The Merkaba pendulum is the perfect way to access your inner power and connect with the divine. With this powerful healing tool, you can transcend to other dimensions, connect with the goodness in yourself and others, and experience untold enlightenment each pendulum.

    Black Agate- Is a stone that is known for its ability to stabilize and ground its wearer. Black agate also protects against danger and helps to bring emotions into equilibrium. Whether you're looking for a little extra courage or energy, or you want to dispel some fears.

    Amethyst-If you're looking for a way to reduce stress and anxiety, Amethyst is known to be a natural tranquilizer, helping to balance mood swings and alleviate negative emotions. Whether you're dealing with everyday worries or big life transitions.

    Red Agate- A stone known for its ability to give strength , these stones are perfect for anyone needing a boost of confidence. Whether you're facing a big project at work or tackling a new hobby.

    Rose Quartz- Is known for its ability to purify and open the heart. It's the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care, or to give yourself a little boost of self-love. With its calming and reassuring energy.

    Lapis Lazuli-Looking for a way to cleanse your chakras and ward off psychic attacks? Lapis lazuli is indigo and gold and is known for its cleansing properties. It can also help connect you to clarity, integrity, and intuition.

    All our jewelry and crystals are infused with Reiki to raise their frequency, which enhances the existing energy and healing properties of the stones. You can feel it in your mind-body connection almost immediately!

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    Crystal: Rose Quartz